My Palette Life
Painting of Grapes
Painting of Lighthouse
Painting of Columbus
My name is Sandi Ballard and I am an artist who lives in Sherwood, Oregon. So many times I find myself lost in the wonder of God's creation. His paintbrush changes shape, style and color as He reveals the beauty of the world around us.

The life of an artist is an adventure. We overcome fears and embark on an adventure that we have never really envisioned. We grow in mind, body and spirit as we heal our souls with the gift of creativity that we may not have known we had.

Yes, that is my story. I was a registered nurse in a hospital for 32 years and through the challenges of my work and my life I have sought personal growth and adventure. Then 14 years ago I discovered a gift and my joy: oil painting. I learn and grow with each new work and find that it is no longer difficult to share my works. It is true what is said about facing your fear: it does strengthen you and gives you wings.

The Growler House (located at 21319 SW Sherwood Boulevard in Sherwood, Oregon) has some of my art work on display and available for sale.

503 Uncorked (located at 22578 SW Washington Street, Sherwood, OR) has some of my art work on display and available for sale.

Sandi Ballard,
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